Special russian self defence Tool UDAR

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Special russian self defence Tool UDAR

Post by russianshooter » Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:28 pm

IMPACT (Device Dose Aerosol Spray) - a mechanical sprayer manufactured in Russia.


Number of cans in the store - 5 pcs.

Weight (without cans) - 0.150 kg. The overall dimensions are 106x126x32 mm.

Warranty operating time is 500 fluid throwings.

Service life is 3 years.

Image Image Image Image Image

Video testing AMAZING!

In video use cartridge Black Widow

Image Image

The volume of 2.0 cm3 for 13x50 2.5 cm3 for 13x60
Operating substance OC - oleoresin capsicum not more than 1% CR - dibenzoxazepine not more than 1%
Effective range of application from 2 to 3 m.
Temperature range -15 to +40 ° C
Metal housing
Shelf life 36 months.
Quantity per pack 5 pcs.
Maximum range of application 4 m
Used by devices of the model "Dobrynya"; "Pioneer"; Wizard "," Strike "," Bamer "

The BAM "Black Widow" contains 1% OC (selective concentrate of red pepper). The initial OC, in this case, is a crystalline white powder consisting of 96-98% of a mixture of capsaicinoids, mainly capsaicin (about 70%) and dihydrocapsaicin (about 26%). This is also a concentrate of red pepper, but, so to speak, "very selective." The sheen of powder on the SHU scale is 16 million (this is the maximum)

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