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Fresh on the boat
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Re: selection

Post by gaganroks » Sat Jun 04, 2016 4:20 pm

hello storm
thanks again for useful info...I have tried for PM but erorr is coming that this feature is not there like dis...plz storm guide me more about shooting bro..
well storm ur guidance is very helpful for me bro..u mean to say if i want to buy new cylinder that will be cost around 20k approx..but what if we have to refill that cylinder..what cost it will be for compressed air?? can these cylinders get refilled?? and from where...and what about licence do we need a licence dear for shooting..n who will give us license..??
and storm most importntly..while shooting 10m air pistol does we have to worry about wind or not..or we jst have to aim n shoot...and storm can v get our pistol fully insured from any insuarance policy....and if we want to buy pallets in bulk what to do bro...
THANKS For ur support bro...

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