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Help needed : NRAI membership and other querries

Posted: Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:14 pm
by captainadi110
Hello to all,

My name is Audumbar Bhoi. I am from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. I am a merchant navy officer and I really like shooting from my NCC days.

Now that I have time I wanted to take Shooting sport as a career. From past 2 months I am practising on a springer(I have already posted the pics of the same in my other thread) I am using a Blanca pellet trap to hold the target.I am getting a lot of help from the various threads in different forums.

I wanted to get a proper training so I approached the only rifle club exists in kolhapur that is Krida Prabodhini. Although it is the best training institute which has given shooters like Tejaswini sawant and Navnath fadtare. I personally met Mr. Ajit patil who is a very nice person who told me that there will a training camp from 1st week of september and he told me to meet then. I also enquired about the membership of the club but i came to know that it is only for the students selected by the academy and same goes for the weapons.

The training camp will definately will help me to build a good foundation but the problem is that It will not help me getting hold of good weapon to practise on and so forth. So I need some information and help from all of you.Please do me this huge favour and help me with it.

1.Is it possible to get a Membership at NRAI and if it is possible,Will it help me importing a good compitition grade air rifle after getting the membership?

2.If above is not possible then Is it possible to take a membership at Air rifle club which is close to my location like in Mumbai ?

I am intrested in 10 mtr Air rifel and Air pistol shooting and If possible trap shooting.

Please do the needful and any kind of help is much appreciated.

Audumbar Bhoi

Re: Help needed : NRAI membership and other querries

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:08 am
by airgun_novice
Dear Audumbar,
Could it be that the membership of the Kolhapur club is for "students of the club" - i.e. they mean that you need to complete a course (probably in safety training and basic handling of air weapons) before getting that membership ? It's same in Mumbai. Shiv Chhatrapati at Balewadi, Pune would be closer to you than Mumbai - commute-wise - unless you live partly in Mumbai and can take up membership here. I am sure that you can rent out "better" equipment at your club in case you want to try them out post-completion of course. There's enough information on IFG wrt importing an air gun and should be studied. Do not be disheartened. Good Luck. :cheers:

Re: Help needed : NRAI membership and other querries

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:13 pm
by captainadi110
Thank you very much for your reply Airgun_novice, I appreciate it. I would find out about the possiblity you mentioned.