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Foreign National Tempoary License

The legal aspects of owning, shooting, importing arms/ ammo and other related legal aspects as well as any other legal queries. Please note: This INCLUDES all arms licensing issues/ queries!
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Foreign National Tempoary License

Postby ajs815 » Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:40 pm


I am now an American citizen with OCI/PIO card living in USA. I currently have a Pistol License in New York and own a 9mm semi auto. My first question is how do I apply for a Foreign National temporary License that supposedly is valid for 6 months. Do I go to the Indian Embassy/Consulate here in NY? Or do I apply for it at port of entry at the airport? Also can I get Prohibited Bore since I already have a gun (9mm)due to US not being restrictive in caliber? I also would like ALL INDIA permit since I have no residence in India plus traveling ( Mumbai, Goa, Kerala). Please give me as much info and details as possible. Has anyone got this type license? Thank you- any info much appreciated.

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