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East India Arms Co - Kolkata

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 6:48 pm
by mundaire
East India Arms Co
1 Jawaharlal Nehru Road
Kolkata 700013

Tel (Shop) - 22282989

Posted: Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:14 pm
by Rottmeister
An email id should have done good.

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:39 pm
by Rottmeister
I went to these people yesterday and was awestruck with a .22 air-rifle. Getting it next month and Abhijeet, despite your silence on the RKBA cerebrations, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Re: East India Arms Co - Kolkata

Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:07 pm
by sharan_kan

Which Airgun it is and for how much.

Can you please share it with us....


Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:11 pm
by Rottmeister

I do not exactly remember the brandname but I like its power and its feel. Give me a couple of days before I can submit all the details.


-- Thu Mar 19, 2009 17:17 --


I'm sorry for replying this late; it's a .22 SDB and I find it better than the Aimco .22. Can fully penetrate a 1 mm thick sheet metal piece with double-headed pellets.