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Re: M/s Aimco Enterprise - Kolkata (National Rifle Distributors)

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:43 pm
by TenX
Try calling on +(91)-33-22283146 +(91)-9831457805

Re: M/s Aimco Enterprise - Kolkata (National Rifle Distributors)

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:48 am
by prashantjha19
Hi there! AIMCO's site has been down for some time. Pls use their Facebook page ( to get in touch with them. Can also call them on 8961095303.
Having been facing the same situation for nearly two months now, I had sought help from the Precihole team (as AIMCO is their authorised dealer and I was looking to order some PH items). They reverted with the suggestion to join aimco's Facebook page where one can also place orders, etc. I could not do that for some reason, but you sure can use your FB account and get started. They are good people to deal with. I am still waiting for their site to get up and running so I can make my purchases. Thanks

AIMCO's continued online absence is most disappointing!

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:15 pm
by prashantjha19
When a trusted name suddenly goes incognito, it sends people like us in a tizzy. I am talking of AIMCO Kolkata....whose online page has been disabled and is inaccessible for the past nearly three months now!!

I wonder what can be so daunting a compulsion for such a long standing and well received trading brand to agree to afford such a prolonged black out. A web page unable to get up and running in matter of couple of days in this age is beyond common comprehension!
Yes, I am told by Precihole Sports (for which AIMCO is an authorized online outlet) to join their facebook page and place orders, etc there.

Haaa...can it get any more arbitrary and funny than this?? Why should a potential customer be expected to, or be forced into, getting onto a social platform he /she is not interested in please?
And if so be the case, and if AIMCO is so inclined to promote facebook, I think it would only be ethical of AIMCO to announce publicly that they are open to doing all their online trading and transactions ONLY through a particular social site. At least people will then be left to take an informed call for themselves.

In the least, Mr Joydeep Biswas, who I believe has a presence here on IFG, should take it upon himself to clarify things for all enthusiasts.

Disclaimer: I hold AIMCO is high regard....certainly much higher than some of the Mumbai and Bengaluru based online retailers I had to deal with when I couldn't access Aimco. My thoughts above are complaining in tonality, but my spirit and intent is to see a East Indian brand keep up the good name it has so painstakingly earned over the years! My apologies to all those who may have felt hurt with my ramblings...which are rendered only with bonafide intents.