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Hi All !!

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Hi All !!

Postby sdb » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:12 pm

Hi All,

I am a 35 year old guy just started with Airguns (after an accidental encounter with a scoped airgun), which piqued my interest in the sport. Though I have been interested in all things millitary and guns (FPS shooting games included) for my whole life, this is the first time i'm actually making a non-virtual effort on the subject :) and now realizing all those headshots in FPS games are useless once the fingers transition from mouse to the trigger.

So, riding the wave, after a lot of research in internet in IFG as well as in youtube (pyramid air academy and other airgun related videos), a week or so back i ordered my first Airgun Precihole NX 100 Club Elite, pellet trap, ISSF 10m rifle target sheets and flat heat pellets (all precihole products) and turned my home into a 10m shooting range :). Gun was bought from Kovibazaar and accessories/pellets etc from precihole directly. Of course precautions were taken to impose curfew in all the rooms where the pellet passes and all doors in those rooms have to be closed. Backstop apart from the pellet trap was set large enough so that even a big sneeze or cough will be caught at it.

1st day. it was my first fling with ironsights (opensights) so I deliberately screwed the tuning so that i could tune it myself. I was able to tune it by the end of my 1st session nearing ~100 pellets. However due to trial and error of keeping one eye open and creating blinders using handkerchief to close my right eye, shots even though on target (10m rifle ISSF black zone) for around 30% (sitting position), were not having good groups, and have a blurry right eye after end of the session (due to the tight binding of the eye with the handkerchief).

2nd Day. due to the uninspiring first day, second day I downloaded a pdf from a link shared in one of the IFG threads. Canadian cadet air rifle training guide posted by a member here (thanks for that !!). First unique thing that I had never heard in my life was dominant eye selection !! And I was surprised that I am cross dominant. I being lefty and dominant eye being the right one, this did the trick as shots were on target for around 40% sitting and with improved grouping, lesser fliers. Moreover the sight picture improved quite a bit. Also introduced myself to standing position (as I felt like and non-standard way). Around 120-130 pellets later I was happy with the progress. Also stopped using handkerchief.

3rd Day that is today, I had tremendous improvement in shots sitting 67% (session 1, 18 shots ) to even around 80% (session 2, 15 shots) with decent groups and lesser spread. Standing accuracy was around 50% (though my grouping in standing is not that great, 40 shots). I have to work on my standing posture, breathing and stability and also trigger squeeze.

I have been following IFG site on and off for a long time, as I have now stepped into air gunning, I plan to learn a lot more from experienced gunners here to improve my shooting. Apart from punching holes in the black circle, I am amazed to see how calming is this thing is for me. It is almost like a meditation. After a stressful day I am finding this theraputic, to forget all that the boss said, to forget all the life's big problems and just look at the small black dot and how it floats in over that front post and squeeze the trigger.

I am hooked to airgunning, now thanks to IFG i got to know about exactly which rifle to buy and I am loving it.

Attaching the Day 3 session target sheets. I am guessing sight adjustments are good for now (with my beginner skill level) as the standing spread is quite evenly distributed although to the bottom which might mean I need to hold it a bit more farther from the trigger. I need to work more on posture and breathing etc now. BTW sight adjustments are not done on bench, but from sitting position.

Do you think any more ironsight adjustment is required or something to do with my form/posture/breathing?


Sitting with 5-10 degress off to perpendicular to shooting line

Sitting perpendicular to shooting line

Thank you all for dropping by.
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Re: Hi All !!

Postby Prabhath » Fri Feb 02, 2018 11:08 am

Welcome aboard.

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Re: Hi All !!

Postby Maroon_d3vil » Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:20 pm

Welcome aboard sdb! IFG is like Wikipedia for beginners! :) Little bit of research and you can make sure what to look for. My purchase of Precihole SP50 and NX100 Polaris were inspired after going through the forum.

Be it paper target, plinking or pest control, my NX100 Polaris does the job perfectly. You have a club model and once you settle with it, it will be boring accurate at 10 meters! :D Your groupings will keep improving session by session as it happened with me. Happy shooting..


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Re: Hi All !!

Postby sdb » Fri Feb 02, 2018 8:24 pm

Thanks Prabhath and Maroon :)

Yes I am seeing the difference with practice. Already going to run out of my first 500 pellet box tomorrow !! Its so addictive.
I have plans to get the Polaris after some time, due to city constraints plinking around will be difficult. And I am missing those rats who chewed up my car wires in my previous house !!

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