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bluing help needed..........

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Re: bluing help needed..........

Postby ajayplahane » Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:51 pm

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Re: bluing help needed..........

Postby dheerajch » Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:06 pm

Hi friends,

This is an old thread but I came across this while searching for ways to blue an AR whose finish I ruined. I recently borrowed an AR which I took with me to my village a few weeks ago. I noticed that a bit of rust was forming on certain parts of the barrel so one day I decided to clean the gun. I came across an old can of Rustolene which I diligently used to clean the barrel and other metal parts of the AR. As I was on a digital detox during that time I did not do any online research on the topic until I got back.

Needless to say the bluing faded from many places and look of the gun was lost. I read resources online and found out about the various hot and cold solutions and processes and was deciding what to do when I searched for this topic on IFG and found this

cold blue?
heat hydrogen peroxide in a glas beaker, in microwave-remove, add SEA SALT, not your anti thyroid ,iodine added Tata salt
dissolve as much as you can.
at same time, heat part to be treated after removing all traces of oil with acetone.
apply cold blue 'masala mix' -coat it, to metal, watch instant black appear. This too needs to be done 2 more times, depending on your initial treatment of the part.
For all bluing, remember, OIL is your biggest enemy, use a good solvent like acetone, the for good measure, boil the meta lpart in distilled water for a few hours.
As always, equipment and technique is beyond my control and I take no liability, express or implied for the results,damage, injuries.

Today I decided to try the cold bluing method since I had most of the ingredients at hand. I rinsed out the barrel with high proof alcohol and rubbed it down with 1000 grit sandpaper till it shone and rinsed it with alcohol once again. Then I heated the barrel with a heat gun and applied the hydrogen peroxide - uniodised salt solution, cleaned it off and repeated the process thrice.

Well now I have a pitted brown barrel and I think I 'll have to scrub it down once again and try this or some other method to fix the gun.

I realise the last resort is get the work down from a bandook mistri but I want to try my hand on DIY before that.

Any advise on what is going wrong and what can I do to make it better.

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Re: bluing help needed..........

Postby dheerajch » Wed Aug 17, 2016 7:24 pm

And guys I need to head out of station for a week early morning tomorrow. Should I leave the gun as it is or should I oil it to prevent further rusting till I get back?

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