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problem with .32 iof rev

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Re: problem with .32 iof rev

Postby Ajaaybeer » Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:57 am

msbabbar wrote:mine is the old model ,not the current model.it misfires at 90 degree most of the times.i found out that the bullets move to and fro in the chamber when we change positions of the rev.does this happen with others also.i have also used the same kf ammo in a s&w.there it fires without any problem at any position of the rev.

Although its an old post about which i am commenting but as stated above this problem is experienced by many people.
I conclude that the shooter must be facing problem in celebratory gun firing as majority men do the same and face same problem.
This is in context of iof ammo , when u raise the barrel of a loaded revolver in a straight line upward , the cartiridge rests in their position in cyclinder till 45 degree angle
Above 45 degrees or say at or near 90 degrees to the ground they slip backward out of cyclinder
Here lies the problem
A part of energy from firing pin will be wasted to push the cartiridge to its orignal firing position and that causes misfire.
Yet another explanation is if u go for a power shot , the misfiring issue is less as the thurst from pin is ample for the above process.
This is my observation , others may differ but since we were recently discussing same issue among our circle , i thought it relevant to post as this post was referred to me by a respected ifg member for reading.

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