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Canted Spring - low velocity

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Re: Canted Spring - low velocity

Postby vsraja » Fri Oct 27, 2017 9:48 pm

We need a rifle with full power at that moment. Hence we take less care about those individual parts like piston seal,spring, etc.In my experience I can feel some of the feedback or a signal which tries to alert us when they are abused. Its like some symptoms before some life threatening diseases.These parts also react in some way if they are abused beyond it’s optimum capacity.Hence these springs will bend like these, we call them as canting, if there is any unbearable preload.Can you carry 30kg rice in a bag of 10kg capacity?.This is happening to your rifle springs.The manufacturer no need to care about this as they going to happen only after sales.Some of the rifles have preload which is very near to the optimum compression capacity of that spring, imagine how that spring feels when they are further compressed while cocking. Even 39 coils will be a huge preload for an indian gun with normal stroke length.In my rifles I don’t exceed 33 coils, which is in full power.Hence if you don’t like to remove some of the huge preload, be ready with a spare spring to change at regular intervals.But I don’t need it at that much frequently.Also a right preload offers a smooth cocking with no grinding while cocking and also with full power.Also you are no longer needed to go behind some crazy brands of springs. Normally people fear of power loss while thinking about cutting some coils and hence try to install full spring.Its like killing the whole spring by fearing about the amputation.Have you seen your spring at cocked position, it says much about the preload.Even you can get consistent velocity if you have a right preload. Also I can cock and take some time to shoot without the fear of losing some power.Most of the budding airgunners blindly try to preload as much as possible and they feel good when they can compress the full spring into the receiver.My question is that, your job is done, do you think about the consequences or side-effect of your treatment.So the rule of the thumb is that we need to remove some 5 coils from the stock spring before using the gun.

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Re: Canted Spring - low velocity

Postby Basu » Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:59 pm

At places harder spring yield more power but not necessarily.
Each gun may behave differently.
One needs to pick the point as to where it settles best with power and accuracy.


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