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How to replace the cocking lever on a NX100

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How to replace the cocking lever on a NX100

Postby vijaynats » Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:06 am

I happened to cock my NX100 when it was out of the stock and consequently, the tip of the cocking lever got bent and cracked. The thing is made of some kind of soft alloy.

The cocking lever assembly is attached to the cocking link using a soft pin that is kind of riveted into place. Does anyone know how to remove this pin and put a new one back in place.

if i get the spares and know how to do the pin then i can fix it at home.

Else does Precihole fix it and send it back if we ship it to them?

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Re: How to replace the cocking lever on a NX100

Postby narach93 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:50 am

Dear vijay.
I have already gone though this problem. My cocking link broke and I procured the complete link from precihole. You can easily fix the link by removing the damaged link. For this, use a blunt iron nail to remove the soft pin. Pl drop oil on the soft pin and wait for 10 minutes. Then replace the same pin with the new cocking link. Take very good care of putting the split end on the cocking slot without putting any force. Lubricate the ends with gsmith red oil or put some precihole moly. Precihole rifles never liked to be cocked bereft of the stock. Good luck
Regards Narach

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