Starting Airsoft in India

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Re: Starting Airsoft in India

Post by angiamusic » Thu Nov 08, 2018 1:54 pm

alanwake47 wrote:
estousandy wrote:
alanwake47 wrote:Are there still people in India who are getting airsoft guns, and not the ridiculous priced ones?

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There has to be since new teams are getting formed across the country. And many more yet to come forward.
Yeah I got my own WE Hi-Capa GBB pistol, for around Rs.6000. It's easier to import if you are not in Bangalore. I did it in Mumbai. Got my gun within 10 days. Bought gas from eHobbyasia. I have attached some pictures.ImageImageImage

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Damn bro, nice MEUSOC! I got a 1911 GBB too, it's a TM though. Is yours CO2 or GG?

Edit: Just noticed its a Hi-Capa and not a MEUSOC :? :stupid:

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Re: Starting Airsoft in India

Post by Stinger_22 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:37 pm

I am from Bangalore as well. Is it legal to come from abroad and bring an airsoft gun with you? I am debating between getting an air gun for practical shooting or an airsoft one for games, so I want to know which one is easier in terms of legality.

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