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Halfway through the season. (Pic heavy)

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Re: Halfway through the season. (Pic heavy)

Postby Hammerhead » Tue Nov 17, 2015 9:50 am

kshitij wrote:Hi hammerhead,
That selfie needs some background story to go with it :D

There's new story to tell now............

Well we have 6 days of rifle season in southern Ontario, so we get in the bushes 3 O'clock in morning.
We seen a buck, we missed it altogether in Bow Season and few other hunters went after and missed.
There are about 8-10 acres of swamp across our hunting land, it has some deer in it, everyone knows it.
How you are gonne get to them is the pain in bow season and even shotgun season and comes rifles.
All the deer know us, probably by our names, so they play hide and seek on us, we even hide our trucks.

Comes rifle season, 3 Oclock in morning I got into the bush, well, from the other side from swamp.
You think you can fool the deer, they were in there some where but it was foggy and cold.
Around 6am I spot the movement about 600 yards, you guess it, closer to the other side then gone.
Comes out the binoculars, nothing. so I sat back thinking another day is gone. Fog is thinning out.

300 yards, buck come out, I spotted it, it's not as big as everyone was telling, probably 2 1/2 years old.
Has full platoon of 5 does and a set of 1300 eyes, they spotted me,even I was half sunk in deep water.
So they were on high alerts, moving a bit around, I change my plan of not shooting the mid size buck.

Settle the cross on this good size doe but there are no rests to take 300 yard shots and I never shot that far.
Since I bought this Sako Finnlight last year, I never shot more than 100 rounds from a shooting rest in range.
Took deep breath, pull the trigger, puff adder spoke, smoke settled in few minutes. Saw NOTHING !!!!

Every time any one misses the shot, problem is that you might injure the animal, knowing your capability.

So I took my breakfast out, got my sugar level up then I took off to look for the deer, but it's all deep water.

Found this doe, buckled at same spot where I had shot it and 7 Magnum had blown a hole, where I hold it.



And the buck lives on for another year, we will be having high hopes and prayers for his long life - Haji

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. - Edmund Burke

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