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An Early Morning Hunt.

Got some old "Shikaar" tales to share? Found a great new spot to Fish? Any interesting camping experiences? Discussion of Back-packing, Bicycling, Boating, National Parks, Wildlife, Outdoor Cooking & Recipes etc.
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Re: An Early Morning Hunt.

Postby Shivaji.Dasgupta » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:14 am

Some Pics of Saranda Reserve Forest ( Saranda Which literally means the Land of Seven Hundred Hills) which covers the majority of west Singhbhum Dist. More than 850 Sq KM. Covering sini, Saraikela, Chaibasa, Kiriburu, Jamda, Barbil, Goilkera, Manoharpur Etc. these are all adjoining city of jamshedpur and Ranchi as a Major city of this area.

Once the Private Hunting reserve for the Royal Family of Saraikela ( Or said So b.coz till date I have not found any Govt Doc. Supporting this claim) now a reserve forest but facing a huge threat due to deforestation, Mining, blocking Rivers and Water channels due to industrial purpose and of course increasing population.

A campaign named Save Saranda is started by Shri Sarju ray, A notable Political figure and A MLA from Aforesaid area to save this vast wilderness and its natural life.
Pics i Have collected from other campaign members and Friends.

saranda 1.jpg

saranda 7.jpg

Saranda 2.jpg

land of Seven hundred hills

river koina through Saranda.jpg

This is Koina River not Koyna.
saranda 6.jpg
saranda 6.jpg

saranda 4.jpg

A small water channel near Kiriburu.


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Re: An Early Morning Hunt.

Postby goodboy_mentor » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:44 am

A beautiful and serene place. Hopefully the notable and common people of the area always remain vigilant to successfully keep it untouched from the unholy nexus(in the name of "development" of the area) of greedy businessmen/ MNCs, corrupt politicians and corrupt bureaucrats in the future.

"If my mother tongue is shaking the foundations of your State, it probably means that you built your State on my land" - Musa Anter, Kurdish writer, assassinated by the Turkish secret services in 1992

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Re: An Early Morning Hunt.

Postby Basu » Fri Jul 14, 2017 4:40 pm

It turned me nostalgic........
took me 25 years down the memory lane......
It was 1982 when I used to visit these places.....
Where do you stay , Shivaji ??


Not all those wander , are lost...............

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Re: An Early Morning Hunt.

Postby Shivaji.Dasgupta » Fri Jul 14, 2017 6:16 pm

Dear Goodboy_mentor Sir, All the evil you mentioned is very much Present in this area. as a largest producer Dist. for Iron Ore, Copper, Uranium, gold and other Minerals, everybody wants to just dig up and make an easy money. No Body cares for the jungles and its effect on the environment. but still there are few people who try to protect this landscape. More over As naxalite movement increases in this area for last one and half decade so no big heads goes near the jungle ( May be a plus point of so called red terror).
Basu sir,
Jamshedpur is my home town though I Am living in Jaipur for Profession but I visit My Home town two/three times in a year, we do have some agri lands near Dalma and saranda forests so when ever I am there I used to go and spend some time in our Farms.
sir, when ever get a chance plan a visit.

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