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Looking for a used 30-06 rifle in Punjab!

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Looking for a used 30-06 rifle in Punjab!

Postby Ajaaybeer » Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:41 am

I have a slot vacant for a 30-06 rifle on my licence which i am suppose to fill by years end. But with latest strictness in licence renewal process and dope test long ques, i have seen some licence holders are selling their arms to avoid harassment due to govt. policies and old age.
If any one is interested in parting away a 30-06 rifle in good condition then i am a buyer but only in Punjab.
I just missed a deal with a person who sold his rifle for Rs 65K iof to a gun house.
In case anybody out there is a genuine seller , i am a potential buyer.
Shoot me a message in my inbox any time !

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