Original John Rigby 275 Take-Down - a recent acquisition

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Re: Original John Rigby 275 Take-Down - a recent acquisition

Post by Shivaji.Dasgupta » Mon May 07, 2018 8:49 am

No Hunting sir. Hunting is strictly restricted all across India. All the famous Guns people used once for the purpose they made for is getting rust now. We have Vast forests with all wild life, Though the deforestation took its toll due to Population hike but still we have plenty. long Back All sort of famous hunting Guns were used by well known hunters in India and Still we do have Few renowned Hunters In our Forum. Right now Also The Hunters are only permitted to shot the animals which are declared to be gunned down by Govt. Of India.

My Home Town is in some areas (Jharkhand, more precisely its in the boarder of Jharkhand Orissa, bengal and CG) where Forests are still present in their original form up to some extent and of course at some places. We do have wild life Elephants, Asian Black bear, Neelgai or the Blue Bull. Leopards, Wild bore. Tigers very few but yes its present. dears of different sorts. jungle cats like civet etc. a big load of monkeys and birds. other creatures like reptiles and vermin's are plenty.

All the best for your Trip and If possible post some Pics of the show.



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Original John Rigby 275 Take-Down

Post by sat » Fri Jan 11, 2019 8:32 am

What a beauty, congratulations.
Than you for sharing.

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