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M1 Garand

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Re: M1 Garand

Postby mundaire » Sat Dec 26, 2015 10:23 am

Andy, it's not that they have 'woken up'! Ex-military personnel were issued semi licenses as a matter of course, right up to the early 1980's. It is only after that time did the government suddenly develop a sudden and abiding distrust of its citizens... Which sadly continues to this day!

All changes made to the arms laws and the way it is implemented, post early/ mid 1980's have been based on a negative mindset and with a view to limit/ disarm citizens.

The limitation in sale of NSP firearms is also a relatively new phenomena. This being a direct fallout of the ban on imports and resultant exponential increase in prices - which led to many personnel selling their cheaply allotted firearms to large profits. The limitation on sale of NSP arms was put in place to curb this profiteering.

Earlier most officers wouldn't even apply for NSP arms as they would prefer to buy new/ newish imports at a higher price vs buying ancient and well used NSP guns.

The ban on imports changed all of that.

Typical government/ babu reaction, first create the conditions for a problem and then in stead of changing the conditions to fix things - put in another ban to address the symptoms of the problem.

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Re: M1 Garand

Postby abhay_yadav » Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:40 am

ebraganza wrote:Thanks all ...

I know of someone who wants to sell a U.S. Armoury Springfield M1 Garand ...
If anybody is interested please let me know ...

Sir i want m1 grand what's the price

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