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Damascus barrel steel

Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:21 pm
by James_Bond
I want to know that is the Damascus barrel steel is the best for Dbbl 12 guage for fired all types of load .
What is the Damascus barrel steel . is it less powerful than others steel.
Presently I have a Hammerless 12 guage DBBL, I want to purchase the Hammer 12 guage shotgun but I am confuse between Damascus barrel and others . It might be possible that presently all 12 guage Hammer avaliable in India are Damascus barrel .
Kindly help me is the Damascus barrel are most powerful than others or not .How I recognize that the gun is Damascus barrel steel or others. Which one is the best. Hammer 12 guage is a Passion for me. List of 12guage Hammer which have not Damascus barrel steel , its price and manufactured(company) name.