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Suggestion Required for buying a new 12 Bore gun in Punjab

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aditya choudhary
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Suggestion Required for buying a new 12 Bore gun in Punjab

Postby aditya choudhary » Mon Feb 04, 2019 5:59 pm

Hi All
I am a new user of Indians for Gun, I have got the license a few days back and was gathering info for buying a new budget gun in Punjab of an Indian brand. I am not a professional shooter but want a gun which should be trouble-free and reliable so while going through the threads I came to know about Bhargav Arms 12 Bore gun "Stallion".

I have read the problems faced with the gun in one of the threads and also talked about that the company is also coming up with a new model.

I wanted to understand, that should I buy this gun and is the new model out and if yes are all problems rectified? Will, you the experts and experienced people recommend it? If yes what things should I keep in mind before buying this gun and if not this gun which company and what model will you recommend? I need your expert advice in this regards.

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