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Expected code of conduct - MODIFIED

Posts that don't fit into any other category. If it's anything to do with guns, it probably doesn't belong here!
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Re: Expected code of conduct - MODIFIED

Postby caracass77 » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:25 pm

I have posted a few times, but no proper introduction. So, I am going to do that now with a set of pictures to boot! :)

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Re: Expected code of conduct - MODIFIED

Postby sekhonkamal » Mon May 18, 2015 6:36 pm

Hello Dear members,

I joined this forum while i was trying for a fresh arms license for a 7.62 mm pistol under inherentence laws, which is being passed on to me after my father's death. Since my father was in the army and after his death, his personal weapon is being inherited by me. I applied for the license in May 2014 in Pune, and trust me after that i followed each and every guideline/supporting docs/police station visits....while i was balancing my professional life, additional responsibilities after father's death and running around police folks. A year and a half later, my application is rejected and nobody from the CP office bothered to inform me - reason, their phone lines are down! This after i met the CP (old and new), DCP, ACP and many folks - Pune CP officials probably know me by face now. With time i had to move to Noida due to my job, and now with this recent rejection i am expected to take leave from office, book flight tickets for another lovely visit to the CP office Pune.

Such is the consistent shoddy unprofessionalism on their part - one head clerk Shanagar and ACP Admin Ms. More, that i can only laugh on the sham that the Pune police is.

Now, friends i am looking at procedures for selling the weapon. Could the learned forum members share how to go about it, with all nuances and details. I dont trust the police to provide an iota of assistance in anything. All my paying taxes and abiding laws is just a slap on the face of someone being honest and forthright.

I pray all you are faring better than my experiences.

Thanks for your time and effort,

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