IPSC / Reloading

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IPSC / Reloading

Post by PeterTheFish » Wed Oct 26, 2016 3:24 am

I wonder if anyone here has ever made an effort to get an IPSC chapter started in India, or knows of such effort? The major barrier I see would be ammunition. I have taken it up in the last few years, and typically am shooting 10 - 15,000 rounds / year, commonly shooting 200 rounds in practice sessions and that or more at matches. In India that much ammo might cost a bomb if it could be had at all - here my match ammo costs me about 10 Rs / round, and my practice ammo just over half that. For ammo I reload - not sure if the practice is there in India?


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Re: IPSC / Reloading

Post by Anand » Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:42 am

Hi Peter,
Unfortunately, the focus of the NRAI and other shooting associations and clubs has been limited to ISSF events. The ranges available to civilians is also very limited in number. The Arms Act 1959 and Arms Rules 1962 and various exemptions have provided that a licensee may legally reload ammunition for personal use and not for resale. The problem is the availability of primers, powders and projectiles within India. These cannot be imported either, as that involves extra red tape and licensing. This precludes being able to shoot large quantities of ammunition cheaply as is required in IPSC and other dynamic shooting sports.
AFAIK the new Arms Rules 2016 make no mention of reloading anywhere. These rules have an ammunition allowance:
For normal licensees: 100 rounds at one time and 200 rounds per year for all types of firearms they possess;
For Members of NRAI and affiliates: 300 rounds at one time and 600 rounds per year for centerfire handguns, 200 at one time & 500 per year for centerfire longguns, & 500 and 1000 rds per year for .22 rifles and handguns.

Although renowned shooters can have upto 50,000 rounds and aspiring shooters can have upto 30,000 rounds at one time, for all their guns put together, these guys will have to account for the usage by providing the empty cases and their usage is strictly for their own practice.

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Re: IPSC / Reloading

Post by russianshooter » Sat Oct 21, 2017 11:26 pm

in google first NRAI
NRAI - National Restaurant Association of India

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