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Looking for a Practice Buddy - Gurgaon/Karni Singh range

All shooting sports - ISSF/ IPSC/ HFT/ Sporting Clays etc.
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Looking for a Practice Buddy - Gurgaon/Karni Singh range

Postby nupadhya » Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:09 pm

ALL, I have just started the 10M Air Rifle sport some 5 months back. I practice at home and am at about 570-575/600 score levels. I am looking for inspiration in another shooter, a buddy who could push me and vice versa - otherwise as the improvement in scores from here on becomes slow, I fear losing interest. I plan to visit the Karni Singh range once/twice/thrice a month over Weekends (Sat/Sun - flexible) for a practice session in a different setting and learning from others/familiarize with electronic scoring etc. etc.

I am in Gurgaon. Any one with all the equipment and around 560 - 585 levels pls. PM me and we could talk and possibly connect. My expectation is very simple - inspiration and learning from each other. Reaching the range all alone with equipment and not knowing anything on day one (after taking membership of the range) and later is some sort of a barrier...ofcourse as we settle with practice sessions the group will increase. I am yet to take membership of SAI managed Karni singh range.

I look forward to making a few practice buddies, Pls. PM me...


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Re: Looking for a Practice Buddy - Gurgaon/Karni Singh range

Postby Scarecrow3 » Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:57 am

Not intending to revive a dead thread, i still stand to ask.
do you still practice at Karni Singh?

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